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Red rose
Red rose
A symbol of undying love
A way to show how much you care
The meaning lost as generations pass
Sweet sappy romance
When did it disappear?
When did long hand written letters go out of style?
When did “I love you” become less then “hello”?
Flowers become a source of laughter
Holding hands become considered un-cool
Where did it all go?
I want romance
Sweet stolen kisses
Long meaningful looks across the table
Everything pure has disappeared
Become outdated
My question for the next generation is
Where did all the red roses go?
:iconwaterphoenix25:waterphoenix25 0 0
One foot on top of the other on top of the other
Fidgeting, moving, anxious
Every beat in time
Counted with the fluttering sound of my heart
Faster, faster and faster yet
Spinning, twirling
Until nothing in recognizable
Even my thoughts are in motion
Jumping up and down
Looking for an escape they will not find
:iconwaterphoenix25:waterphoenix25 0 0
An Allusion
Only a reflection of reality
I looked at your face and believed in love
I fell at your feet
Every kiss, every touch made me whole
All I wanted was for you to care
An allusion is what you were
A beautiful dream
Nothing more, nothing less
A picture of something perfect
When your reflection rippled
You were no longer there
My imagination did not make you
But it became you
I cry over a picture of you
A mistake I won’t make again
You knew me like no other
That power became you
That you changed was a turn neither of us saw coming
My heart lays shattered in the grass
I have no one to blame
But myself for loving an allusion
:iconwaterphoenix25:waterphoenix25 0 0
My heart will never stop
My heart will never stop
If you hold it in your hands
Even as my body is blown up
Your name will be on my lips
For you hold the key to my soul
As the world turns black
I feel myself going to you
Hold me and let me go
Come when you are ready
I’ll meet you at heaven’s gate
And we’ll be together again
:iconwaterphoenix25:waterphoenix25 0 0
Standing Still
The world keeps flashing by
A series of pictures and events
On a loop that never stops
It never pauses for a second
It refuses to give mercy
The world moves on
Even if you are standing still
:iconwaterphoenix25:waterphoenix25 0 0
Left here with nothing
Drowning in silence
A distant memory
In everyone’s mind
A shadow
Where there should be light
Erased from the air
As good as dead
Fading into nothing
Then there’s nothing left
Not one more tear
As I disappear
:iconwaterphoenix25:waterphoenix25 0 0
My Stranger
Months I’ve been sitting here waiting for your call
Just the whisper of your sandpaper drawl brightens my days
Breaths light into the darkness that surrounds me
Your touch sends sparks of lightening to my soul
Thud, thud, thud beats my heart
So like the sound of the drums you once taught me to play
Music to my ears, your breathing helps me through
Can’t you see how much you’re needed?
I crave the sweet nectar of your skin
Romantic, sappy, foolhardy-maybe
But just the same I will love you always
You struck a cord, and the vibrations are still moving through me
I sit around for hours a day wishing you into my life again
But it will never work, you’re gone
Like a puff of smoke, you disappeared forever
A shadow that is always with me
I never knew your name, never knew you
But you gave me more than anyone else could ever hope to
You gave me my life back
:iconwaterphoenix25:waterphoenix25 0 0
The Once Broken Girl
The broken girl is who you once knew
Never really feeling the touch of life
Happiness so far away
You changed the world
I wish I could wake up tomorrow and forget your name
Forget that I ever cared
Forget every memory
Forget that I’ve already been forgotten
The scares that crisscross up and down my body
Markers of pain in the past
You came in after and showed me the light
That I didn’t have to be dark
That my past did not define my future
Then like the wind you blew on through my life
Gone before I could catch my breath
A second, a moment
Treasured forever
I want to forget but I want to also remember
Forever in my heart if not on my mind
I will always be in your dept
Thank you from the patched together girl
:iconwaterphoenix25:waterphoenix25 0 0
Only for Today
Calm my restless heart
Hold out your hand
Give me a reason to slow down
To stop, to listen
Show me you are worth it
Show me that you are here for only seconds
Forever is not what I want
Love is all I ask for
You can be gone tomorrow
But show me kindness
Show me happiness
Show me a love worth waiting for
I am not easy
No sweet words will do
No amount of skill will get you anything
Honesty is all I ask
Show me your true self
Expose yourself to my eyes
And I will show you my soul
You can have everything
If only you leave tomorrow
For if you stay
I will surely lose everything
:iconwaterphoenix25:waterphoenix25 0 0
Who will you be?
Once lost
But now forever found
A heart beats strong and true
Waiting for another chance
For a love that lasts a lifetime
A promise is made
Pretty words said without meaning
Damage is done
The war is lost
Shattered, torn, scared
Will you take the leap of faith?
Or stand safely at the edge
Looking and experiencing only through others
Only you can choose for yourself
:iconwaterphoenix25:waterphoenix25 0 0
Prince Charming
A beautiful possibility
Something close but never within reach
Someone you don’t only have to teach
For they can teach you too
A world you could share
If only
If only he was real
Existing only in dreams
Only on lists hopeful girls write
The perfect guy is always different
But somehow the same
He would love all of us unconditionally
He would tell us “you are beautiful.”
He would never look twice at another
A happy allusion
A beautiful mirage
Whispering in the wind
Waiting to be found
For those who are lucky enough
He runs into their open arms
Maybe someday he will be a part of everyone
Wishes are sent out daily
Surely one will be answered
:iconwaterphoenix25:waterphoenix25 0 0
Memories no one else has
I wake up
To the shadow of dawn
In my car
As the fog sets in
I look at the picture
I have drawn
As the rain starts to fall
A tier falls down my face
A tiny smile
Slips through the sadness
As I remember
Happiness that has long since passed
Full of memories no one else knows
For those who cared left many years ago
Depression feeds on my mind
As everyday passes
And I decide that maybe when I see
The people who left
I will finally be whole
So I reach down
And feel the darkness
As it surrounds me
And I smile as I fall
With a dagger in my hand
And happiness in my heart
:iconwaterphoenix25:waterphoenix25 0 0
Taken or Saved
From a life
That means everything
To no end
But still standing strong
Is a place
For the dreamers
Nothing but darkness
In an endless future
Used on purpose
To give loved ones hope
For no reason
Means little to the world
Given to the soul
Makes the biggest difference
From a life
That means nothing
:iconwaterphoenix25:waterphoenix25 0 0
An endless nightmare
Forever echoing in my mind
The horror of the dead
A mask yet to be removed
Trapped forever in time
A moment
A place
Remembered by all
Who were unlucky enough
As the only one left
I bare the mark of sorrow
For the lives lost
Should be among the living
I stand at the edge
But no reasons come
My life is worthless now
I take a step
To be with those I love
And fall for my pain has ended
My mind fades
And the nightmare ends
:iconwaterphoenix25:waterphoenix25 0 0


If you are a victim...
If you have ever faked a smile
Slit your wrist
Cried yourself to sleep
Wished yourself gone
Chased a dream (and lost it)
Ended up in a nightmare…
Broken down
Turned away from your “friends”
Been bullied
Been stereotyped
Tortured yourself over an error
Hated yourself…
Died inside,
If you are a victim…
Remember to stay strong.
Because you’re only a survivor
If you
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 0 0
Secrets are things that people won't tell,
Despite the greatest truths
Hidden within them.
Secrets are things that people lie to
Cover up,
In fear of you finding out what's
Sweetie, here are a few secrets
That I feel must be shared,
Because they've been kept for
You are beautiful. You are stronger than your weaknesses.
You are unique. You are different. You are perfect.
You are not defined by your sadness, nor are you defined by the stereotypes.
You are not broken, despite the the scars and missing pieces.
You are powerful.
You are a fighter.
And, darling,
I know no one has whispered
These things to you.
But remember,
The only things that people won't tell,
Are the secrets.
And that's because the secrets are true.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 0 0
Death Wish
I'll let the blood run and flow
I'll watch the scars grow and grow
I know inside I'll never be free
And that this life is made for me
I'll hide the blades and knives and scars
I'll please everyone and be happy for a while
But when will they realise?
When will they know?
I want to die,
I want to be gone.
:iconaoncesuicidalpoet:AOnceSuicidalPoet 0 0
Hide the blade
Beneath the clothes,
Run to be alone
In the silence
Where only the blade remains.
Cut before you change your mind
Let the adrenaline run
You've done it
The relief is uncontrollable.
Blood, beading along the lines
You smile
They fall down your face
The pressure is gone,
But what remains is guilt
All that effort,
You're worthless,
To find pleasure from this pain.

You've relapsed.
Who can help you?
Your boyfriend thinks you're selfish.
Your family thinks it's attention seeking.
Your sister, your dear sweet sister,
She cares too much it would kill her.
Who can help you now?
No one.
You've relapsed.
You're alone.
:iconaoncesuicidalpoet:AOnceSuicidalPoet 0 0
And Yet She Loved Those Walks In The Park by ParallelDeviant And Yet She Loved Those Walks In The Park :iconparalleldeviant:ParallelDeviant 0 0 Composition 82113 (Fire Moon) by Senecal Composition 82113 (Fire Moon) :iconsenecal:Senecal 0 0 Custom Ink Design by EdwardMiller Custom Ink Design :iconedwardmiller:EdwardMiller 0 0 All Seeing Eye Flash Design by Frosttattoo All Seeing Eye Flash Design :iconfrosttattoo:Frosttattoo 0 0 Maori / Polynesian shark full sleeve 1 by Monk3ys-Tattoos Maori / Polynesian shark full sleeve 1 :iconmonk3ys-tattoos:Monk3ys-Tattoos 0 0 green skull by tattooneos green skull :icontattooneos:tattooneos 0 0 time - watercolor effect by koraykaragozler time - watercolor effect :iconkoraykaragozler:koraykaragozler 0 0 Brain by koraykaragozler Brain :iconkoraykaragozler:koraykaragozler 0 0 Profile by uturo128 Profile :iconuturo128:uturo128 0 0
Sharing a Bed
Sharing a Bed
It was warm to the touch – as if the previous occupant's body was still there. In fact, the entire room screamed, "I'm not truly yours!" This was hardly a surprise; I was the new wife. My eyes sparked with achievement as I scanned the soon-to-be redecorated room; I had finally made it. After a year of hard work, I was finally reaping the fruits of my labour, and what a difficult labour it had been. Hours upon hours spent with Justin, calming him, soothing him, placating him. Being there when he thought he had no one else. Whispering comfort into his elfish ears. And now, he was mine. I sat down on the edge of the bed and gently fingered the quilt.
I never knew that a man could be so beautiful. His face could have been chiselled from the finest marble, yet there is a softness about him that overshadows any thought of him being a harsh man. He isthe perfect height too – some people will say that height isn't important, but being so tall my
:iconmagicaljoey:MagicalJoey 0 0
King being murdered upon the throne
Dreams made out of solid stone
Learn to fly and learn to crash
Nightmares in a lightning flash
Life's what you get, not what you earn
It's not the bridges you build, it's the ones that you burn.
:iconmikkimarie:MikkiMarie 0 0
Save Me
Break away this sickness eating me alive
Do it quick before I die
The hate and anger forming into one
Leaving me with no where I can run
My vision is slowly turning black
I'm struggling to find my way back
And at the end of the tunnel I see you
And I'm struggling to ask you what to do
I'm scrambling, my insides dying
All I know is I hope you're not lying
Save me before the dark takes me away
You're the only thing that can make me stay
:iconsurrender-the-rose:Surrender-the-Rose 0 0



i can't help but hate you, you the taker of hope, the crusher of dreams. you wear the mask of an innocent, of somebody capable of nothing this bad. but inside you know, know that you could do anything. that when faced with a tough deicison you would pick what suits you best. thinking only of yourself, you don't spare others a single thought. they like everyone else are a means to an end to you. you, who is above caring, above living with the normals, you are pathic, stupid and will never amount to anything. selfish. self-absorbed. you cry because the world no longer holds any joy for you. it's just a place. nothing more, nothing less. that hole that you've dug yourself is big, i don't have a rope, so it's your job to find a way out. you, that face that reflects from the mirror are worth nothing.  you are a lifeless body going through the motions, as if alive. you mean nothing to nobody. hate is a nice word when used to describe what people feel. you will amount to nothing, why can't you get that? why do you get up every morning when there is no point in doing so? if you went missing, who would notice? who would care? why do you only stare at me, repeating what i say from your place in the mirror, don't you have something to say? something in defence, something that will save us, that will stop us from making that final leap?


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